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Ancient Roman Festival

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Carnuntum, 21.09.2021, 07:43 Uhr
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Carnuntum [ENA] The festival of Ancient Rome traditions and culture took place during the weekend of 18-19 September in the ancient roman city Carnuntum. This is a fulminant festival of people and for people who love ancient roman traditions. Everybody is a participant of the festival. Everybody has a chance to enjoy the ancient roman way of life and culture while walking through beautifully restored Carnuntum.

Several experts and artists who are performing or are explaining visitors the ancient roman way of cooking, suing, fighting, clothing and other aspects of life. But also visitors are part of the festival while participating in various activities. Some of them are even wearing ancient roman dresses. The rich program includes fights of gladiators which are performed with the best knowledge of ancient roman fight technics. It also includes ancient roman dances and fashion shows with detailed explanations of pieces of clothes for various social groups and professions.

It also includes theater with performances communicating ancient traditions and values. It even has performances and parades with various roman legions and fights with barbaric tribes. This is really astonishing with how much love to details and to the ancient roman life the festival is organized. The visitors are offered to taste ancient roman food, the installations are organized with attention to every detail, the exhibitions are of interactive character where visitors can feel, touch, enjoy various objects of ancient roman life which gives them an opportunity to travel into the everyday reality of the ancient Rome.

This festival of ancient roman culture and traditions makes the visitor to wait with impatience for the next year when the festival will take place again to be able to dive into another world from the past another time and to enjoy the festival together with other people who are also sharing this passion and curiosity to history and culture.

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