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Tornado of colours, music and movements

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Vienna, 19.08.2021, 19:14 Uhr
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Vienna [ENA] At the 15th of July ImpulsTanz opened its doors again. This is one of the most vivid events during the cultural summer in Vienna, which brings international artists, innovative performances, stars dancers and young creators together. The festival goes for one month with extremely dense program of performances, workshops and public moves. For one month Vienna becomes a center of modern and classical dance and ballet.

The festival shows so various performances as “Orientation project” by Sophia Rodriguez from Belgium / Venezuela, “Piano Works Debussy” by Lisbeth Gruwez and Claire Chevallier from Belgium or “Ugly" from Raja Feather Kelly from the United States. The festival closed by the 15th of August. Great pity and time to say good bye but with the hope for the next year and expectation of similarly vibrant cultural life and fascinating program.

In the “Orientation project” the dancer shows how the body wants to become an image while at the same time breaking the identification. Sophia Rodriguez engages into a journey of various forms of identification while exploring cultural forms of femineity baked by consumerism and various fantasies from different countries. The performance addresses the issues of objectification of the female body as well as exploration of social projections, elements of folklore and of popular culture. In the capitalist oriented society she shows a consumption attitude towards the female body and the role of women in society. In her performances the audience becomes a part of the play while dissolving boundaries between being and presenting.

The “Piano Works Debussy” is an elegant performance, classical in all senses. It shows a brilliant duet of a dancer and a pianist who are both in search of interpretation of the music of Debussy. Their movements are rather suggestions than expressions, in line with the music of Debussy and his search for immaterial music. The performance is a unique dialogue between classical and contemporary frameworks of music and choreography. If we would compare the performance “Piano Works Debussy” this is more an aquarelle than an oil painting, light and elegant at the same time, which is so beautiful that it can move someone to tears.

The “Ugly” is a completely different to both previous performances. “I am an ugly man, not an artist like those who created Beyonce”, - says the artist about himself. He is rather a queer of substance, of color and of depth, thoughts, and expression. His solo dance is based on the mixture of pop arts, music, colours, and unfailing knack of exclusion. He shows fragility and feelings behind the perception of being different and being excluded.

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