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Villa Medici Film Festival and Edgar Morin in Rome

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Rome [ENA] Founded in 1666 by Louis XIV, the French Academy in Rome - Villa Medici is a French cultural institution based since 1803 Villa Medici, a 16th century villa surrounded by a seven-hectare park and located on the Pincio hill, in the heart of Rome. It is a public body dependent on the French Ministry of Culture, the French Academy in Rome - Villa Medici carries out complementary missions: to host artists and

Edgar Morin

and creators, historians and art historians in an annual residence or for shorter stays ; create a cultural and artistic program that affects all fields of art and creation and is aimed at a wide audience; preserve, restore, study and make known to the public its architectural and landscape heritage and its collections. The French Academy in Rome - Villa Medici is directed by Sam Stourdzé. As part of the Villa Medici Film Festival event, several films were awarded and in particular there was a meeting in the presence of the centenary philosopher-sociologist Edgar Morin.

Edgar Morin is a French philosopher and sociologist of the theory of information who has been recognized for his work on complexity and "complex thought" (pensée complexe), and for his scholarly contributions to such different fields as media studies, politics, sociology, visual anthropology, ecology, education, and systems biology. This scholar holds two bachelors: one in history and geography and one in law. He never did a Ph.D. Though less well known in the anglophone world due to the limited availability of English translations of his over 60 books, Morin is renowned in the French-speaking world, Europe, and Latin America.

During his academic career he was primarily associated with the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Paris. In addition to being the UNESCO Chair of Complex Thought, Morin is known as a founder of transdisciplinarity and holds honorary doctorates in a variety of social science fields from 21 universities (Messina, Geneva, Milan, Bergamo, Thessaloniki, La Paz, Odense, Perugia, Cosenza, Palermo, Nuevo León, Université Laval à Québec, Brussels, Barcelona, Guadalajara, Valencia, Vera Cruz, Santiago, the Catholic University of Porto Alegre, the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, and Candido Mendes University (Rio de Janeiro).

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